Monday, May 23, 2011

Bienvenue à Toronto! (A Welcome Home Story)

I've often said that Toronto's cabbies are among the western world's worst and my return to T.O. from a week in Montréal confirmed that (not to suggest Mtl's cabbies are much better). So I was picked-up at the taxi queue @ YTZ and upon arriving home...

Jason: "Is Visa or debit easier for you Sir?"

Cabbie: "Neither, I don't do either. You must pay me cash!"

Jason: "I don't have enough."

Cabbie: "Then go upstairs and get me some and I will open the trunk when you get back."

Jason: "There's nobody upstairs and no money either."

Cabbie: "Well then I'm driving you to a bank machine, but it's rush hour and I may have to drive a long way to find parking and the meter will remain on."

Jason: "No it won't. This is my home and I want out."

Cabbie: "Then give me my money!"

Jason: "Umm, so you've just picked up a customer at an international airport and have no idea where I'm from and won't accept a form of payment that the sign at the airport says you accept."

Cabbie: "I'm independent, an Ambassador cab, and can do what I like. You try being a cabbie"

Jason: "I have $9 dollars (out of $15), will you accept that?"

Cabbie: (All kinds of swearing in another language)

Jason: (After 1-minute of silence, I drop the money on the passenger seat and proceed to get out of the cab)

Cabbie: (more swearing out the window, but eventually unlocks the trunk)

Jason: (grabs bags)

Cabbie: (yells something sweary out the window and drives off)

Jason: (forgets to check if cabbie has a Ford for Mayor sticker on the trunk)

Bienvenue à Toronto! So good to be home.

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