Friday, July 8, 2011

The Mayor of Toronto is a Homophobe

Why you ask?
  1. Made uninformed remarks about AIDS being "pretty-much" a gay disease
  2. Has voted consistently against all AIDS-prevention money
  3. Has voted consistently against all Pride funding, when anyone with a brain knows it brings the city far more than it costs
  4. Endorsed Minister Wendell Brereton in Etobicoke for Councillor and shurgged his shoulders about the blatant homophobia on Brereton's website
  5. Referred to being gay as a "lifestyle choice" during the campaign
  6. Refused to participate in any of this year's 10-day Pride events when some were a mere 50-steps from his office door
  7. He's the first Toronto Mayor in 18 years to not participate in Pride and wouldn't listen to the advice of his inner-circle, his brother and even the Toronto Sun on the matter.
  8. Has consistently said he doesn't believe in equality in marriage rights (which thereby means he supports homosexuals not being entitled to the same rights/responsibilities as heterosexuals)
  9. Made disparaging and uniformed remarks about transexuals
  10. Lied about his long-standing family tradition of going to the cottage for Canada Day when he was handing out flyers at Yonge & Alexander and Church & Carlton last year during Pride/Canada Day weekend.
  11. When asked directly by a reporter if he was a homophobe, he mumbled something under his breath that nobody could hear and refused to clarify. If any question should be simple to answer, especially in a city with a huge gay population, yet still a signficant number of "gay bashings," this would be the one. Instead, mumbles.
Rob Ford may not be hiding in the bushes outside Buddies with a baseball bat, but on some level, the Mayor of Toronto is a homophobe.

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